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Are People More Likely to Leave Negative Reviews or Good Ones?

Often, customers who post online reviews desire to inform other people about their experience with a particular brand. Thus, online customer feedback can promote or destroy your brand reputation.

Today, the majority of customer reviews have played a massive role in influencing the size of a businesses’ clientele. So, if managed well, customer reviews lead to businesses’ prosperity. 

But what makes people write and post customer feedback, specifically negative reviews? It could be due to inferior products, customer services, and empty promises. In this article, we identify why clients are likely to leave negative customer feedback

Are People More Likely to Leave Negative Reviews?

Expecting too much from businesses

Over time, businesses have significantly increased the customer satisfaction of their clients. Similarly, clients continue to demand and anticipate too much from their suppliers. So, as much as a business could do their best to offer excellent services, clients could express disappointment. 

Set realistic expectations with customers

So, it is challenging for companies to meet all the requirements of their customers. In turn, customers post negative reviews online. The majority feel compelled to leave a negative review to influence other potential buyers in making the right decision. Moreover, they aim to prepare other local shoppers thinking of contacting the business not to expect much from the company.

Customers feel compelled to influence purchasing power

Several customers leave negative reviews to influence the purchasing power of other customers. They want to assist their fellow buyers in making better purchasing decisions. Moreover, customers always want to share their overall experience and express their disappointment.  

Quickening the reimbursement process

Customers who post negative feedback usually expect compensation. A vast majority think that the only way to receive reimbursement is when they expose the company. Business owners are likely to quicken the refund process. This way, they will avoid tarnishing their reputation.

On the other hand, unsatisfied clients always want to get an apology from companies and an acknowledgment of their faults. So, most of them get prompted to leave a negative review. Based on a recent study, more than half of the customers felt satisfied after private apologies and remuneration. 

Extra fees on services and products

Individuals are more likely to leave negative reviews when suppliers impose extra fees on them without prior notice. It is good to be clear when stating what the prices include. Do not leave out anything when doing this.

Also, let your clients know all the refund policies as well as the other terms and conditions. Once companies request customers to pay extra fees, they get disappointed. As a result, they will want to warn other potential buyers of the company’s unreliability in regards to honoring an estimate. Thus, they end up posting negative reviews and ruining the company’s reputation

Whenever you get such reviews, take some time to absorb the shock. Afterward, give a professional response that will allow the customer to provide you with a second chance. 

Reviews on a company’s ignorance

At times, online companies do not keep their promises to their clients. Even when customers follow up on their orders, they get no responses. For instance, a customer places an online order and gets confirmation. After some days, the online company notifies the client that the item is out of stock.

Waiting a week to tell a customer the item they ordered is out of stock is a sure fire recipe for generating negative reviews.

Joe Trusty – CEO of PoolMarketing.com

It may not be delightful to have such buying experiences. Customers won’t hesitate to write a negative review about you, especially when they’ve lost time and money. Additionally, some customers demand compensation through online review sites since they don’t get any responses. If your business avoids customers in such a fashion, make sure you change this immediately to avoid generating further negative reviews.  

In Summary

Here at Manage Rep, we are aware that customer feedback is essential for expanding your business. We know that positive customer reviews lead to brand visibility and loyalty. Thus, we assist companies in increasing positive reviews on all their online sites. This way, they can expand their clientele and generate more profits. Do not hesitate to contact us; we are the absolute best!

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