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How Can I Improve My Online Reviews?

Over time, customer feedback has played a massive role in growing businesses. Based on a recent survey, more than 85% of customers make purchase decisions based on online reviews. So, business owners should acknowledge the power of customer reviews. Even so, how can they promote positive reviews?

How Can I Improve My Online Reviews?

1. Show your customers how to write and post online reviews

More than half of customers are always willing to leave a review on your social media platforms. However, most of them are not sure of the best platform to leave their online reviews. So, it is vital to spare some time to show your customers how and where to post their reviews.

For example, business owners should hire a public relations team that shows customers how to post reviews. The team can do this by sending a short explanation and the review link through email or text. Furthermore, if you have a physical store, consider putting up a sign with the review link. Also, include a short description that shows the process of writing the review.

2. Customer service is the center of every business

One of the most common things customers look for is excellent customer service. Regardless of the products and services you offer, customer service is at the heart of every business. Ensure that all your clients get treated with respect, professionalism, and fairness. Moreover, it is good to show customers that you value and appreciate their support.

Based on American Express, customers who experience bad customer service spread the word to about 15 of their friends. Such customers can also leave bad reviews on your social media platforms. Consequently, your brand reputation will be on the verge of destruction. Some of the ways to improve your customer services include:

  • Employing reliable and professional staff.
  • Shortening response periods.
  • Incentivize repeat customers.

3. Make good use of listings on review platforms

Today, you can include your businesses’ details on review sites. You can put your business contacts, location, and even photos of your work on online review sites. So, ensure that you put the appropriate information to lure your target population into buying your products and services. Keying in the right words in such listings boosts your search engine optimization.

4. Offer responses to bad reviews

Business owners can find bad online reviews frustrating. However, they should apply careful thought before replying to such feedback. Avoid rude and emotional responses in such instances. The best thing to do would be to lend an ear to your customer.

How Can I Improve My Online Reviews?

Appreciate them for giving such feedback, admit your mistakes, and show them that you want to make it right. You can provide them with compensation to ease their anger.

Additionally, you can respond to them in private. In turn, customers will feel your effort and will undoubtedly give you a second chance. When you ignore a bad review, you worsen the situation.

5. Always track your online presence

After opening accounts in all relevant online platforms, make sure you keep track of the comments and reviews. At times, your online reviews could be on other sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor. Therefore, take the time to see what your customers think of you. Using specific software to help you monitor all your online reviews will be much easier.

6. Encourage your customers

After having a good experience, most customers don’t mind posting a positive review for you. However, it would be good to offer encouragement in the form of discount codes or incentives. This way, your customers will be more willing to tell other people about you. But don’t provide discounts on condition that they have to post a review. Additionally, your repeat customers should also receive incentives so that they give you a 5-star rating.


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