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How Do I Get a Bad Review about my business Removed?

Almost all business owners get overwhelmed whenever they get a negative review. So, they look for all means to delete the review from the respective sites. Even so, it is essential to deal with the issue professionally and strategically. Thus, as a company owner, consider putting some factors into consideration when trying to get a bad review removed.

How Do I Get a Bad Review Removed?

Conduct thorough research

First, identify the source of the review. You have to ensure the person who wrote the review was your actual customer. Occasionally, you may receive fake reviews from competitors or irate ex employees. So, take the time to understand the review and ask your staff about it.

Ensure all your queries get addressed by everyone who took part in the project. While doing this, leave your emotions at the door. Handling the situation irrationally can frighten your employees, and you won’t get the full information.

Moreover, identify the personal details of the respective customer. Compare his or her identity on the review site to your records to find out any similarities. Through this, you will get a detailed understanding of the complaint. Once you have all the details, you can get the bad review removed quickly.

Gather all the support evidence

Besides the personal details, gather as much information as possible about the client and the review. For example, you can check if other companies got a similar review from the same person. Also, collect all relevant information on the issue. Some of the reviewers often leave similar complaints on various sites. Thus, the reviews could be fake.

Don’t lose sight of the main goal

During the process of getting a bad review removed, always keep track of your company’s objectives. Do not get so obsessed with one negative customer feedback that you forget to increase your positive reviews.

Keep in mind that getting a bad review removed is not guaranteed. Thus, the best way to go about it is to enable good reviews to outweigh the negative reviews. Consequently, Google will be able to rank your site higher. Continue requesting customer feedback from recent customers via email or message. Your positive reviews will be more and will blur your negative reviews at the end of the day.

How Do I Get a Bad Review Removed?

So how do you get rid of a bad review?

Sign in into Google My Business

It is essential to have a Google My Business listing if you have a business. Through this online platform, business owners can manage their details and make any alterations if necessary. Furthermore, hackers will not be able to tamper with your information if you have a Google listing. If you want to get, a bad review removed, first sign in into your Google My Business listing.

Check the Review Section

After signing in into your Google My Business account, go to the dashboard. All your reviews appear in the Google My Business dashboard. Identify the bad review and put a flag on it. Flagging a review means that you have notified Google of your request to remove the bad review.

Note that not every review can get flagged. There are specific guidelines stated by Google that show the type of reviews that qualify for flagging. Once you flag your review, you will receive a notification from Google that it may be a delay. The bad review should have a strong back up that explains why it goes against Google’s policies. Remember, Google or any other review platform always looks at both sides of the story. So, there is no guarantee that the review site will remove the bad review.


Ultimately, company owners should do their best to get a bad review removed. There are a few factors to consider while doing this. They include conducting relevant research, gathering personal information. They also send a request to the specific online review site.

Even so, the procedure is not easy. So, consider hiring experts like Manage Rep to do this for you. We are a reliable company that incorporates a robust reputation management system that generates positive reviews for you. Besides, we help you get rid of your negative reviews, thus boost your overall online rating.

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