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How Do I Get Customers to Leave Good Reviews For My Business?

In this digital era, when customer leave reviews, they have the power to make or break a business. Thus, customer feedback plays a huge role in a company’s profitability. Some of the online review sites include TripAdvisor, Yelp, and HomeGuide.

Business owners can spend a fortune on formulating marketing strategies. But if they don’t get positive customer feedback, their efforts remain futile. Based on recent studies, more than 85% of customers made a purchase decision based on online reviews.

Even so, negative reviews are, at times, unavoidable. So, the best way to build your online reputation is by increasing the number of positive reviews. Thus, ensure that you request for positive reviews from your satisfied clients. In this article, we discuss various techniques used to get customers to leave reviews.

How Do I Get Customers to Leave Reviews?

Be available on all online platforms

If you desire to establish a strong brand reputation, the first step would be to build an online presence. Nowadays, there are so many social media platforms where customers can leave reviews. So, make sure you create accounts on all these platforms. As a result, your clients will find it easy to leave reviews, and you will enhance brand visibility. All businesses need to have an online presence for them to expand.

Request for reviews from happy customers

Often, satisfied customers are always eager to write a review after their experience. But somehow, they get caught up with their schedule and forget. It is, thus, imperative for businesses to ask their customers to leave reviews for them. They can do this via email or message. Ensure that a brief and clear explanation of how to proceed with writing the review is in the email.

Moreover, satisfied clients wish to repay your excellent services through a review. Even so, send the request at the right time. It would be best if you send it one or two days after purchase. Otherwise, customers may forget their experience.

On the flip side, some customers are kind enough to express their happiness in person. In such instances, kindly ask the customer if he or she can put the feedback in writing.

Simplify the process of writing a review

If you don’t show your customers the right platforms to leave their reviews, 95% of them won’t bother to leave reviews. So, send direct links to your recent clients via email. As a result, this will ease the process of writing and posting the review. You can also put the direct link on your website.

How Do I Get Customers to Leave Reviews?

Sacrifice time to appreciate feedback

Never forget to acknowledge all your reviewers. The type of feedback does not matter. Thanking your reviewers expresses your professionalism and efficiency. Additionally, consider offering incentives to the customers who leave reviews. Once you do this, you will expand your customer base. Consequently, your sales and revenues will increase.

Incorporate reviews in your work processes

It would be beneficial if every staff member knows the power of online reviews. This way, employees will work harder to deliver the best services to all clients. Occasionally, it may be best to offer incentives to your staff members so that they perform at their maximum.

Business owners can give commissions or bonuses upon any sales or reviews. Settle for whatever works best for you, your staff members, and customers. Moreover, keep constant track of all incoming reviews and ensure your public relations team responds to all of them.


Online reviews are essential for the growth of businesses. Thus, business owners ought to do their best to increase positive reviews. There are many ways to do this. But it would be advisable if they hire a reliable reputation management company like Manage Rep.

At Manage Rep, there is a team of professionals ready to double and triple your positive reviews. We employ an efficient reputation management system that boosts your online reputation. We get in touch with your previous customers directly and give them a survey that allows them to rank your company well. Business owners have numerous tasks to complete. Thus, an excellent reputation management firm always comes in handy.

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