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How Do I Get More Online Reviews For My Business?

At present, the majority of customers make purchase decisions based on online reviews. From Facebook pages to websites, online reviews are everywhere. Over 85% of the population evaluates a specific company’s online reviews before buying their product or services.

How Do I Get More Online Reviews?

How important are online reviews to your business?

There are many online review sites today. Usually, if a business has numerous positive reviews, Google will optimize its search results. Consequently, the leads of the company will be higher. Most customers will purchase your products/services if you have good reviews. Additionally, a dependable sales team is the icing of the cake and plays a massive role in promoting an actual sale.

Since customer feedback is at the heart of every business, company owners do their best to get a good rating. Doing this can be difficult for companies! Thus, it would be advisable to hire a reputation management company and save yourself the hustle. In this article, we discuss some of the ways you can increase your online reviews.

Make good use of email campaigns

After clients purchase your services/products, it would be best to send them a review link via email. Most successful companies incorporate email campaigns to get their clients to review them.

Email campaigns are advantageous since they are relatively cheap. Note that it would be best to send the link by email shortly after the customer buys from you. As a result, they will be able to rate you well since their experience with you is still fresh in their minds.

Request for reviews from satisfied clients

Always take the initiative to request your customers to leave a review. Some of them will contact you via mobile and will tell you about their experience. Make good use of such moments. Request such clients to leave you a positive rating on your online platforms. An effective way of doing this is by incorporating a survey.

Here at Manage Rep, our experts use surveys to collect good reviews hence boost the company’s clientele. A survey could be simple; it can entail five to ten questions. While doing this, ensure that the questions on the survey are easy to understand.

Be active on social media

One of the best ways to boost your brand visibility is by posting content on all your online platforms. Here, you can engage with your clients while requesting online reviews. Every time you post content, you remind clients of your products and services. Additionally, you might remind some of your past clients to write a review for you.

Provide incentives for your reviewers

Although most of your customers will be more than willing to leave a review for your company, it would be good to give them some encouragement. Incentives could be as simple as discounts, tokens, and festive vouchers. This way, customers will know that you value them.

How Do I Get More Online Reviews?

Consequently, they won’t hesitate, leaving a fantastic review of your excellent customer services. Furthermore, they will tell their friends and family about you.

Additionally, consider forming partnerships with non-profit organizations. Then, offer bonuses or donations anytime a customer leaves online reviews.

Take advantage of company events

Occasionally, several companies could host events or attend cocktails. Undoubtedly, this can be the best time to increase positive reviews. You can put up a stand beside the hallway. Every time people pass, you can request them to buy and review your products/services. Ensure that you include your company logo and contact information near the stand. You can put up a banner to promote brand visibility.

Use customer support forums

Besides online review sites, post your content in customer support forums. Remember, customer support forums are where customers get information on the best products and services. Once you post content in such a platform, prospective customers will be able to see you and evaluate what you have to offer.


Business owners can get more online reviews by incorporating various techniques. However, the process could be time-consuming and tedious. So, allow us, Manage Rep, to increase your positive reviews using a robust reputation management system. We have the best professionals who will help you boost your brand reputation and visibility.

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