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How Do I Manage My Online Reputation for my business?

Today, business owners know the importance of managing your online reputation. They understand how their social media platforms significantly contribute to their reputation. Companies that meet all their customer needs tend to build a strong reputation through positive reviews.

A Pool Customer Experience Often Leads To Bad Online Reviews

On the other hand, businesses that provide low-quality services and products put their reputation at risk. So, most companies desire to build and manage an excellent online reputation. But how do they accomplish this? In this article, we talk about several ways on how to manage a company’s online reputation. Remember, what your customers think about you matters.

How Do I Manage My Online Reputation?

Keep track of all your online platforms

Occasionally, business owners tend to monitor only the common online platforms. Yes, 75% of your customers are likely to interact with you through the most popular social media channels. But what about the other 25%?

Facebook & Google get the lions share of reviews, but other websites like Houzz, Yelp, Better Business Bureau and Trust Pilot are also very popular.

It is, therefore, vital to keep track of all your social media platforms and review sites. Moreover, you can conduct frequent searches to track what people say about your company.

Once you see any reviews, comments, or queries, make sure you respond to them professionally. Besides, customer comments always assist you in identifying loopholes in your marketing strategy.

Tracking all the information on your online platforms can be tedious. So, consider using various software like Google Alerts. The software helps you view all the incoming online information about your company.

Furthermore, you can hire a dependable reputation management company like Manage Rep. This way, you will be able to establish an excellent online reputation.

Provide immediate responses

Prolonging your response times put off prospective customers. Therefore, if you receive reviews and comments on your social media platforms, offer prompt responses.

In a 2020 world, customers expect an immediate reply

Sometimes, a customer may need an immediate answer to their question. If they don’t get an instant reply, they will purchase from another company. Additionally, offering late responses to negative reviews can be damaging to your online reputation.

Consider instituting a chat bot or chat software on your website

The customer can get impatient and attract the media’s attention. In turn, your company gets exposed, and your brand reputation ruined. Also, try creating a strong rapport with your customers through live chats and videos on various social media channels.

Request customers to leave reviews on Yelp and Google

One way to manage your online reputation is to request positive customer feedback from happy clients. At times, customers can forget to write a review. Thus, make an effort to approach them through email campaigns or messages by sending them a direct link to review your company.

Positive customer feedback can tremendously boost your sales. The more you collect positive reviews, the more you increase your search engine optimization. Additionally, positive reviews build a strong reputation, even amid several bad reviews.

Luckily, happy customers are always willing to leave a positive review. But if you are having trouble getting positive reviews, offer incentives to your customers. It could be through loyalty points or discounts. As a result, customers will be encouraged to write a review and even recommend you to their friends.

How Do I Manage My Online Reputation?

Keep your personal life private

It would be best for company owners to keep their private lives to themselves. A business page should be professional and portray your brand’s credibility. Thus, posting pictures regarding your personal life may ruin your online reputation.

For instance, you don’t want your customers to see you dancing shirtless on a random video. Nonetheless, it is hard to control what others post about you. But you can control whatever appears on your business pages. Moreover, you can create a private personal account where you can write and post your own life.

In summary

Companies must manage their online reputation. Doing this entails using several techniques like requesting reviews, keeping track of all social media activity, and offering immediate replies. At times, it can be challenging for business owners to do this. Therefore, they can hire a reputation management company to help them.

One of the best reputation management companies you can use is Manage Rep. Here at Manage Rep, we boost your positive reviews using an effective reputation management system. Our main aim is to help you get the largest market share and mold you into the most successful company.

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