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How Do You Fix a Bad Online Reputation For a Brand or Business?

Regardless of how successful a company is, its brand reputation is always at risk and a bad online reputation can sink you fast. Unfortunately, people are free to post anything online nowadays.

One bad review can tarnish a company’s reputation. So, it is essential for business owners to incorporate effective reputation management strategies. Nonetheless, bad reviews are unavoidable at times. There are times where businesses experience constant negative feedback. Consequently, this interferes with their brand image. So, what can companies do to fix a bad online reputation?

How Do You Fix a Bad Online Reputation?

Optimize search engine optimization 

One of the ways to fix a bad online reputation is to boost search engine optimization. You can do this by posting relevant content on all your social media platforms.

Consider using paid ads and appropriate keywords. Through this, the positive aspects of your organization will outweigh the negative reviews. Moreover, whenever a prospective customer searches for your company, the bad review won’t appear on the first page. Most people don’t look past the first page of the search results. Thus, they won’t see the negative review.

Request Google to delete the bad review

Occasionally, you can request Google to remove a bad review. But the negative review has to go against Google’s policies for it to qualify for removal. Otherwise, it would be difficult for Google to accept the request. So, it would be better if you’d increase your positive reviews and content.

Still, there are instances where negative reviews are fake. You may receive fake feedback from hackers, idlers, or rivals. All you need to do is report the case to Google with concrete evidence. Eventually, Google will remove the bad review. Additionally, get in touch with the owner of the review site and request them remove the bad review.

Make sure you have a Facebook page

At present, Facebook is the largest social media platform. Thus, it would be appropriate for you to create a business page on Facebook. A large percentage of your target customers will always check your Facebook page before buying your products or services.

Furthermore, strive to get your customers to post positive feedback on your Facebook page. Respond to all types of feedback and comments professionally. When your Facebook page portrays your company’s credibility, you can still generate sales amidst trying to fix a bad online reputation.

How Do You Fix a Bad Online Reputation?

Take charge of your Yelp listing

If you want to fix a bad online reputation, you need to claim your Yelp listing. Most clients leave their reviews on Yelp. If you don’t have an existing account, you may not see the reviews related to your company. Customer feedback on Yelp is visible online. Thus, claim your Yelp listing and reply to your customer feedback. As a result, your customers will feel appreciated and won’t mind buying from you again. In case you find a complaint in such listings, offer polite responses. You can also offer a private apology and compensation. The bottom line is to make sure you increase the number of positive reviews in such sites.

Use Google Alerts 

Always keep track of all incoming reviews. It could be hard to do this. So, consider using Google alerts. This way, you will get notified of every review your company receives. Also, you will get to know the position of your search results. Consequently, you will be able to respond to all online reviews or any other mentions your company gets.

Strive to increase positive online reviews

One way of fixing your online reputation is to ensure your positive reviews outweigh your negative reviews. You can request satisfied customers to write and post positive feedback. Do this by sending a link through email or message. Additionally, make sure your staff members offer the best customer service, products, and services.


Every company is at risk of getting a bad online reputation in this digital era. But company owners can fix a bad online reputation using various techniques. Even so, it can be tiresome to do this. That’s why Manage Rep, the best reputation management company, exists. We assist companies in increasing their positive reviews using an excellent reputation management system that uses surveys. Thus, if you want to fix your company’s bad reputation, do not hesitate to call us.

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