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How Long Does It Take To Get a Bad Review Removed?

Having a bad reputation is not favorable for most companies in the modern world. Thus, businesses do their best to get reviews removed from review sites. Doing this is not as simple as deleting a Facebook post or an Instagram comment. It consumes both time and effort.

How Long Does It Take to Get Reviews Removed?


But the first step to get reviews removed is flagging. All you have to do is sign-in in your Google My Business account. Afterward, proceed to the review section and click on the specific review, then flag it. It is essential to note that not all reviews qualify for flagging. Specific Google policies show the conditions the review should meet to be eligible for flagging.

How much time is spent on flagging a bad review?

If you plan on flagging a bad review, you’ll only do this once. For a bad review to get removed, only one flag is necessary. However, it would be best if you supported the review with concrete evidence to prove that it goes against the policies indicated on Google. The number of flags does not influence getting reviews removed. Instead, they only alert Google of your request. The flagging process takes less than a minute.

When will Google get back to me?

Typically, after sending your request, Google will alert you that the process may take some time. But if you do not get a response within a week after flagging, consult the support crew on Google. Explain to the support team why your review goes against Google’s policies. Consequently, your chances of getting the review removed will be higher. Once you send your request to the support team, you will get a reply normally within a day.

On the other hand, Google might decline your request. In such cases, do not lose hope. There are various options to consider. You might think of involving a lawyer. But this is time-consuming and expensive.

Additionally, you may consider approaching your customer from his or her standpoint. Try compensating them for preventing further misunderstanding. Your customer might rethink and delete the review at the end of the day.

How Long Does It Take to Get Reviews Removed?

How much time does the Entire Process Take?

As seen earlier, Google should respond to you in a week. But if you contact their support team, you ought to get a response within 24 hours. On the flip side, you can get reviews removed in an average of five days. But it could take more than five days if Google perceives your issue as complex. Moreover, it could take longer, depending on the support evidence provided. Consider that Google accommodates millions of followers, and they get thousands of requests in a day. Therefore, it would be best if you become patient throughout the whole process.

Nevertheless, there are times when you won’t get a reply from Google. Remember that online review sites need substantial evidence to remove the bad reviews from their websites. Additionally, most of these sites tend to favor the customers more than business owners. Yes, it may seem unfair, but ignored requests don’t signify the end of your business journey. Instead, they mean that you have to do your best to turn your negative reviews to positive reviews.


Undoubtedly, trying to get reviews removed can be tedious and time-consuming. Thus, the best way to increase your positive reviews is through a reputable management system. Negative reviews lower your overall online rating. But, if positive reviews are more, your business gets a much higher ranking. Therefore, it is commendable to use a well-known reputation management company like Manage Rep. Our professionals use the most outstanding reputation management system to ask for reviews from your previous customers.

Consequently, we increase your overall rating as well as expand your clientele. Ultimately, your sales, revenues, and profits become higher. Additionally, your business stands a much higher chance of gaining the largest market share.

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