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Generate 5 Star Yellowpages Reviews for your business using our proprietary Reputation Management system. We’ll contact real users and survey them on how they feel about your company. We then prompt the ones that responded positively to submit a review about your company. It’s that simple!

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Use Manage Rep’s proprietary Reputation Management system to Generate 5 Star Yellowpages Reviews for your business. Manage Rep contacts real users on Yellowpages who have interacted with your company and surveys them on how they feel about your company. Customers who respond positively are then prompted to submit a review on a portal that submits the review directly to Yellowpages. Our Rep Management system is used by companies to improve their low review score in Yellowpages fast.

There are plenty of people out there that think your company is fantastic. Let us prove it by finding them and getting them to express how they feel about your company on Yellowpages. Watch your Yellowpages Review score skyrocket. Our fast – reliable – professional service generates reviews from real Yellowpages users.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long before I see reviews begin to post?
    Typically it takes us a few days to setup your account and work you into our automated reputation management system. You’ll usually start to see reviews show up within a week or so.
  2. Are the reviews generated from real users?
    Absolutely! We use our proprietary system to find real users who have interacted with your company or brand and convert the ones most likely to submit a positive review.
  3. What if the reviews you’ve generated are removed?
    We guarantee the reviews will remain in effect for no less than 60 days. If the review is removed or filtered, we will replace it – no charge.
  4. What is your refund policy on Yellowpages Review generation?
    We have a no-refund policy in effect on review generation, but will make every effort to deliver timely & efficient results.
  5. How do I contact you about my generated reviews?
    We are available on our live chat 24/7 or email to receive an email back in regards to your hour (typically within 12 hours).
  6. How many reviews should I generate to improve my review score?
    We recommend to generate at least 10-20 reviews in order for highly effective results. 100 or more for businesses with a very low review score.


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