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What Do I Do if I get a Bad Review about my business?

Negative customer feedback can be devastating for business owners. Besides getting shamed publicly, your brand reputation is at risk. So, how do you turn your negative reviews into positive opportunities?

Better yet, what can you do to maintain a good reputation? Occasionally, negative reviews portray a false picture of companies. But we’re all prone to making mistakes. Thus, sometimes complaints made by clients are valid. It is crucial to respond to all replies, whether good or bad, professionally.

The next time you get a bad review, consider it an opportunity to improvise your marketing strategy. But here are a few tips on how to handle negative reviews.

What Do I Do If I Get a Bad Review?

Think twice before you react

Suppose your customer’s negative review is false, your feelings can get the best out of you. Let’s face it, customers lie all the time to get what they want. It’s sad but true. But, it would be best if you keep your cool.

A Cooling Off Period Helps

Replying aggressively will do nothing but make the situation worse. Thus, spare some time and think about the best response to give. If possible, take one or two days to come up with the most appropriate response.

Involve a third party

As much as you may hate a bad review, your customers could be right sometimes. So, consider involving a third party like an arbitrator to help you see the reasoning behind the feedback. Ask them for their genuine and real opinions. Consequently, you will improve your marketing strategy. Thus, if you experience frustration, look for a third party to help you point out your wrong in the right way.

Find out the source of the problem

After your anger elapses, take time to comprehend the negative feedback. Consider asking everyone who took part in the project what exactly happened. But do this in a professional and relaxed tone. Asking questions harshly might make you get false answers. This way, you’ll be able to determine the root cause of the negative review.

Improve on your marketing plan

Negative reviews assist business owners in implementing excellent action plans. Decide how to improvise your products and services based on the review. Consequently, you will provide the best services and products that will generate many positive reviews in the long term.

Power of second chances

Even though many times there is nothing you can do to change the negative review, give yourself a second chance. Respond to the feedback professionally while appreciating the customer for taking the time to leave the review. Own up to your mistakes and promise a better future experience. How you respond to these reviews determines your ability to win the customer back. Although you may have an F score with your review, make the most out of this situation to get an A score in the long run.

Don’t waste so much time obsessing on the Negative Reviews… focus on Generating Positive reviews.

Instead of focusing on just that one bad review, find out what you need to improve to expand your clientele. Don’t look at the smaller picture. Let the review steer you to make better choices and changes within your organization. Every successful business owner has had such moments. So, don’t give up yet because of one bad review.

Principles to Remember:

Things to do

  • Spare some time to evaluate the client’s statement. Do this by asking questions to everyone who dealt with the project. Consequently, you’ll be able to identify the source of the misunderstanding.
  • Create an effective action plan that will help you increase your customer satisfaction in the near future.
  • Always look at the bigger picture of the negative feedback.


  • Do not allow your frustration and anger get the best of you. You will worsen the situation.
  • Request for a third party’s viewpoint. Ensure that they help you pinpoint and own up to your mistakes.


The bottom line is finding an efficient strategy to deal with negative reviews. Here at Manage Rep, we help you maintain a good brand reputation by helping you manage negative reviews. We have experts willing to expand your clientele by helping you turn your negative reviews into positive outcomes. We also support your positive reviews, outweigh your negative reviews using an effective reputation management system.

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